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From content project to thriving innovation hub: The Next Big Idea's journey

A space for innovation, knowledge-sharing, the dissemination of best practices, as well as support for innovators.
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Company Profile

MadreMedia is a media innovation company with a focus on content creation for digital platforms and developing technological solutions to enable the best possible delivery of content to its audience. The company's team comprises journalists, writers, photographers, designers, video and audio editors, and others, with a shared goal of helping people understand the world and connect through empathy and utility. The power of storytelling drives them to innovate and deliver impactful narratives. MadreMedia is committed to producing content that resonates with different audiences, whether through its own brands or partner platforms.
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The Challenge

The Next Big Idea is an open stage for innovation, welcoming ideas from all origins and sectors and supporting companies critical to growth and progress. Originally launched as a content project in partnership with SIC Notícias, the initiative has grown into a thriving hub for innovation, knowledge sharing, and best practices. The project has counted on a diverse set of sponsors and partners, including REN, Nestlé, Liberty Seguros, Santander, Super Bock, Turismo de Portugal, Casa de Investimentos, and many others.

MadreMedia, the parent company of the project, approached Singular to design and develop the new Next Big Idea website. The aim was to create a platform where readers could access relevant information about innovation and entrepreneurship, going beyond the press releases and quick internet searches. The site provides regular updates on innovation strategies and trends in Portugal and worldwide, analysis of the latest news related to innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and creative industries, a database of startups, incubators, accelerators, and investors, opinion pieces from top names in the field, case studies, interviews, and thematic video series.

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The Solution

Singular developed a comprehensive solution that went beyond the scope of a mere website. The platform was designed to allow The Next Big Idea to fulfill its mission of promoting innovation, providing support services to innovators, and helping new ideas and players gain greater visibility. It had to be a powerful platform that allowed the editorial team to easily add ideas, startups, and other entities, while also enabling readers to easily find new ideas and startups to promote their businesses.

Centralizing all types of content produced by the team - including videos, TV shows, and interviews - in a seamless manner was a major requirement. The platform also included a database of startups, incubators, accelerators, and investors, as well as case studies of companies and initiatives, and opinion pieces from thought leaders in the innovation space.

The platform was designed with the user in mind, providing a user-friendly interface that allowed readers to easily navigate and find the information they were looking for. It was also optimized for search engines, ensuring that The Next Big Idea's content was easily discoverable and accessible to a wider audience.

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Through this collaboration, MadreMedia and Singular have demonstrated their commitment to driving positive change through the power of technology and storytelling. We are proud to have played a part in creating a platform that serves as an innovative hub for individuals and businesses to come together, exchange ideas, and foster a culture of growth and progress. Together, we hope to continue supporting innovators and promoting a brighter future for all.
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