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With an objective driven approach PrimeDrinks launched a new internal sales performance portal to foster healthy competitiveness and promote transparency across their sales team.

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With an extensive portfolio of brands, producers and clients, PrimeDrinks is one of the biggest drinks and beverages distributors in Portugal. Strong advocates of empowering their teams with the right tools, the company is constantly seeking better ways of working making significant investments in technology not only to increase their internal team’s efficiency but also to provide their customers with unique solutions to maximise turnover.


Sales teams are usually the most competitive in the company. Organisations often offer individual incentives which are usually shrouded in secrecy. Although efficient, this approach tends to take a long term toll on overall team morale. Incentives are frequently moving targets calculated and paid quarterly using unclear formulas and hidden variables.

With a disruptive vision over how sales teams should work and the primacy of global over individual performance, PrimeDrinks challenged Singular to help them build an internal platform that would materialise their ambition of developing informed and collaborative sales teams.

Their main objective was to promote transparency by creating a tool where everyone could see ongoing incentives, individual and global sales performance. PrimeDrinks believed that introducing some sort of gamification concept to the platform would create a healthy rivalry between peers driving more sales while boosting team spirit.

Screenshots of Prime Drinks pages, which show various sales graphs.

Going beyond the requirements

While designing the initial flows and mapping the experience our team uncovered other hidden opportunities for the product. By using the data collected by the platform we could do more than just analyse and report, we could identify potential sales needs of their customers. Combining incentives with suggestions on how to easily reach the objective ended up being one of the most powerful features of the platform contributing to team satisfaction and significantly growing sales.

Detail of a page, which shows the detail of a product on sale.


Clarity over objectives, results and performance were the foundation of the overall user experience. To design the right experience we would first need to identify, for each persona using the platform, their goals, pain points and needs. The platform would be mainly used by Sales Managers, Team Managers and Salespeople. Specific dashboards were designed to accommodate the needs of each role. While the salespeople dashboard placed incentives front and centre the team and sales manager ones focused on overall team and sales performance. Despite having different entry points the same information was available to everyone meaning that anyone would be able to compare performance or have up-to-date knowledge of sales.

Instead of the typical quarterly incentives calculations, salespeople could now see, in real time, the status of each incentive as well as incentive and payment history. They could also filter and sort by objectives, brands or categories.

Historical analysis by client, product and segment along with the already mentioned sales suggestions feature provided the team with in-depth data to increase their sales. To promote organisational alignment, an internal communication feature was added where everyone would have access to news or relevant information updates.

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Moving away from old paradigms always involves a balance of rationality and faith. As a company that strongly values transparency, it was interesting to see how, by empowering every stakeholder with information regardless of their role, both individual and collective performance were boosted and consequently revenue was increased. In the end, more than the tools or features, when people were presented with clear objectives and felt a part of something greater than themselves they endup overperforming.
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