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Aiding small and medium hospitality businesses during the pandemic

Singular has partnered up with PrimeDrinks to create and launch a free online digital menu tool in record time, helping hundreds of businesses during the Covid-19 crisis.
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Company Profile

With an extensive portfolio of brands, producers and clients, PrimeDrinks is one of the biggest drinks and beverages distributors in Portugal. Constantly seeking better ways of working and with a deep understanding that their success is tied to the success of their clients, the company has made significant investments in technology not only to increase their internal team’s efficiency but also to provide their customers with unique tools to maximise turnover.

The Challenge

The hospitality industry was one of the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Reduced working hours, capacity limitations and mandatory curfews had a huge impact on both big and small businesses. The drastic decline in demand and the significant investment in protective/testing supplies resulted in very low cash flow putting thousands of businesses at risk.

In order to reduce the risk of contamination, all physical menus were prohibited, creating yet another problem for an already frail sector. Some businesses turned to technology for potential solutions but most lacked the funds or the time to invest on bespoke software to meet the regulators’ demands. PrimeDrinks challenged Singular to design an application that would easily allow businesses to create digital menus to replace physical ones.

Screenshots of Prime Menu pages.

The Solution

On a very tight schedule and closely collaborating with PrimeDrinks we quickly wireframed how the solution would look like. Two main flows were created, one for business owners so they could create, manage and generate codes for their menus and another for the business’ customers to consult the menus by scanning the QR codes.

From there 2 separate applications were designed to serve these different personas. The admin application was mainly focused on desktop and tablet with a simple and easy-to-use interface that allowed business owners to customise the theme of their menus. The online menu, for customers, was designed with mobile and tablet in mind with a simple but intuitive interface divided into specific contexts.

In order to dramatically reduce the development time we created a set of shared components that can be reused on both applications.

Screenshots of Prime Menu pages.

The Results

In less than one week the design phase was completed and in the third week the application was being launched to production helping thousands of businesses and their customers.
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The pandemic had a dire impact on people and businesses. Being able to work on something, no matter how small, that we know will help people is rewarding and makes us extremely proud to be able to work with companies, such as PrimeDrinks, that have a great balance between profit and responsibility.
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