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Revamping the Website of North American Senior Benefits

Enhancing NASB's online presence while building trust and highlighting expertise

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Company Profile

North American Senior Benefits (NASB) is a financial agency that focuses on providing senior-based insurance solutions. Based in northeast Atlanta, GA, it is an affiliate of The Milner Agency, one of the oldest and most respected insurance brokerage agencies in the country. NASB offers a wide range of products and services in the financial market, and its purpose is to serve as a trusted adviser to clients throughout their lifetime. The company is dedicated to cultivating valued relationships and providing superior sales expertise with integrity, backed by six generations of experience.

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The Challenge

When North American Senior Benefits (NASB) decided to create a new website, they faced several challenges. They wanted the site to be more modern, responsive, and serve not only as a platform to sell their products but also to recruit new sales agents. To accomplish this, they enlisted the help of InnovativeOps, one of their partners, who then brought in Singular to assist with the design and development of the new site.

One of the main objectives of the new website was to effectively communicate NASB's history, values, and services, as well as promote the advantages of becoming an agent for NASB and facilitate the application process for new agents. Additionally, the company would like the ability to easily edit and manage the website's content.

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The Solution

Singular offered various solutions to help North American Senior Benefits (NASB) with the challenges they faced when redesigning their website. To convey NASB's history, values, and services, Singular highlighted their long-standing reputation in the industry and created a timeline to illustrate their growth over the years. Singular also developed custom landing pages and utilized video content to engage users, promoting the advantages of becoming an agent for NASB. To improve the site's visibility on search engines, Singular utilized SEO techniques such as keyword optimization and backlinking. The team developed an online recruitment platform to facilitate the application process for new sales agents and created a content management system to allow the NASB team to easily update the site with new information and products.

Moreover, Singular created a page dedicated to introducing the management team and their roles within NASB, providing a more personalized approach. The team also worked to create a modern and responsive site design that would appeal to both potential clients and sales agents. Finally, Singular highlighted the areas where the company operates to showcase their broad reach and expertise. By addressing each of these challenges through strategic solutions, Singular was able to assist NASB in creating a website that conveyed their brand identity, values, and services while also attracting new sales agents.

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Singular's strategic solutions helped NASB to create a website that effectively communicates its brand identity, values, and services, while also attracting new sales agents.

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